Email Verifier

Verify an email address, with speed and accuracy.

Email Verifier is a simple little tool for verifying an email address. Helps you clean your mailing list for free.


What is Email Verifier ?

Email Verifier is an online software that you will find useful when verifying an email.

Let's say you got a list of emails collected from an online survey in a particular niche but not sure about the quality of responses you got? Some of the emails entered during the input forms could be fake ones that could bounce off you trying to send an email to such an address. Wouldn’t that be useful if a service lets you remove such fake email ids ? That's exactly what we do here. With our free plan you need to enter email one by one with some fair usage limit per hour. If you want to validate a list, use our premium email verification service to get that done faster.

We try to make it better everyday and that won’t be possible without your valuable feedback. If you have to say something about this site, feel free to send an email.

Upgrade! If you wish to verify emails in bulk, and remove any limits on the free plan use the Premium Plan or the API.